Legends, Mysteries and Stories of Gold

gold_room editedGold is a metal that everyone may want to have because of its value. The aura it gives produces impression of glory, power and honor. You might be wondering how this piece of metal achieved its value. This piece of metal is mysterious in its own way. We have grown in a world with full of stories and rich literature. They became part of what we are now, so let us go back being a kid and recall those stories that introduced us to gold.


Midas Touch

You probably heard during childhood that gold can cause humans to be greedy and forgetful on King_midas editedthe things that are important to their hearts, like King Midas. He wished to be the most successful and richest man in the world. He has the ultimate desire to acquire more gold so when Dionysus offered him a wish; he wished to have the “golden touch”. This was the power that would fulfill his desire for more gold. Everything that he touched turned into gold even his food, servants and clothing.

Though King Midas was a glutton for riches, he always loved his only daughter. One day his daughter came and running toward him to embrace him. King Midas forgot about the golden touch and turned his daughter into gold. Seeing his daughter turned into a monument of gold broke his heart. He was devastated and begged Dionysus to take the golden touch back.

Greek Mythology: Aphrodite, Paris and the Golden Apple

Do you remember the ten years Trojan War? Many believed that it was all for Helena, but that conclusion is partially true. The Trojan War started because of a Golden Apple.

It all began when the goddess of discord, Eris, was not invited to the wedding of King Peleus and the Sea Nymph Thetis; their marriage was held in the Mountain of Pelion in Thessaly, which is Part of central Greece.

Eris was so mad about such treatment she got from her fellow gods. She had the idea of revenge, so she went to the wedding and threlove_for_gold editedw a golden apple (known as the fruit of temptation) that fell on the banquet table. The golden apple was with the inscription: “To the fairest of all”. Athena, Hera and Aphrodite strongly claimed the golden apple, for themselves.

It stirred up a great competition among Athena, Hera and Aphrodite, that troubled many gods including Zeus. Knowing the conflict it may cost him, he assigned this task to a mortal named, Paris of Troy. He was the most handsome man during that time. Zeus gave Paris the golden apple and asked him to offer it to the goddess who he finds the fairest. Goddesses made their offer to bribe Paris. Athena offered the greatest wisdom anyone could have; Hera promised him a great honor and power, while Aphrodite, offered him, Helena of Sparta. It was love at first sight so Paris chose the offer of Aphrodite so he can be with the woman who stole his heart. Aphrodite won the golden apple while Paris had to face the greatest wars of his life because of his decision. Then the next thing we know, there was the Epic Trojan War.

Jewish Folktale: Purse of Gold

This is a beautiful yet simple piece of literature telling us that a honest man gets rewarded in the right time while dishonest man will be trapped by his own words.

A peasant found a purse made of leather, when he had opened it; the purse contained 100 pieces of gold. After a while of opening it, a merchant shouted, “I will reward the one who returns my purse!”

The peasant without a doubt returned the purse to its owner. He said, “Here, I found your purse, may I have the reward you promised?” The merchant denied the reward and accused the peasant of stealing the gold pieces from him. He said, “Why there are only 100 pieces of gold left? The purse I dropped had 200 pieces of gold in it. Forget the reward and go way, or I’ll call the authorities to report you”.

The peasant stood his ground and confronted the greedy merchant to take their matter to the court.

In the court, both parties had their chance to tell their stories. The judge patiently listened to both sides even it took a while. The judge finally made his decision, he said, “The statements of both sides appear to be true and justice can be served. Merchant, since you mentioned that the purse you lost contained 200 pieces of gold. You lost a huge amount however, the purse that the peasant found had only 100 pieces of gold. Therefore, this purse couldn’t be the one you lost.

The judge gave the purse with 100 pieces of gold to the peasant.

The Legend of El Dorado

paiti_main editedEl Dorado was a mythical city of gold. Between 1530 and 1650, many Europeans traveled the unknown to find this mysterious city and, many died in the hopes that they will find El Dorado. Many believed that El Dorado was located in the unexplored places of South America. It was never found. It only existed in the polluted imaginations of those explorers.

This madness started because of a tradition held by Muisca people of Cundinamarca. The tradition was the king, would cover his whole body with sap then the gold powder. He will take a canoe to the center of Lake Guatavita and while the citizens are watching, the king would leap into the lake, coming out clean. That was how they start their great festival. This tradition gave conquistadors the idea that there was not only one king but a lot of them and the city must be made of gold, also with so much treasure that will make them wealthy for the rest of their lives. They conquered the city but did not meet their expectation.

The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs

This is a simple story about how greediness can lead you to misfortune and wrong decisions.

A couple owned a very unique goose who gives them a golden egg every morning. This ability of their goose made the couple rich. Their wealth brought greed to their hearts.

One day, man told his wife the possibility of getting all the golden eggs at once, doing so, would make them richer much faster.

The wife agreed with her husband so they decided to cut the goose open, to their surprise, they found nothing. They lost the very thing that laid golden eggs for them.

What have we learned from these stories

We learned that greed results to nothing. Don’t get the stories wrong, acquiring gold is a good thing. It is the wrong intention and love for gold that makes it wrong. Gold is a very useful piece of metal with so many stories to tell. It is a perfect investment because of the stable value it holds. When gold investing is done accordingly, it will result to more profit and wealth that you can use as an instrument to make the lives of the people around you better.












The Unappreciated Value of Gold

gold bar







The most malleable of all metals, gold; it is so malleable that you can hammer it into thin sheets. It is thin enough that it can look transparent. When light shines upon it, a bright yellow reflection is produced. Gold is very beautiful and majestic, no wonder that noble people before our time had their eyes on it; but did you know that there was a time that silver and bronze were more valued than gold?

Gold was just an object that is pleasing to the eyes but since unprocessed gold is soft and malleable, people did not realize its value. It was not useful in creating tools which are much needed and in demand that time. Gold was just a mere display that reflects yellow shimmering light.

Social status and gold

Gold was found by a man in a creek which it had deposited. Its softness and malleability did not give it much value that time till man created social status. Aztecs considered gold as “Sun’s Sweat” because of its color and appearance similar to thick water. That time, pharaoh, kings and nobles believed were descendants of the sun so gold was considered a symbol and gift from the sun. Gold is pure and incorruptible, a perfect object to having for the elites. In just a quick moment, the metal which considered worthless and useless, now a symbol for power, glory, immortality and beauty. A yellow shining metal, a sweat from the sun, a gift from the gods and a charm for the elites became the basis of social status.

Economic development: Gold gains demands

As the civilizGold Economic Impactation grows, the significance of gold became more prominent. No wonder that when ancient government established a currency system, gold was used to implement it. Their currency was composed of silver and gold, these two elements were the first materials used to create economic standards not based on barter, but currency. Going back in time, people used the barter system. Barter is a type of exchange of goods or services directly with another goods or services. It was the system they used for a while. They’ve created their own standards concerning the value of their merchandise. It was efficient for a while but since the number of products and services being needed, everything became complicated. That’s the time they realized that a new system is needed. This problem gave way to the birth of “money”.

Due to the law of demand vs. supply, when a certain product gain demands but with few supplies, the value goes up. The same thing happened to gold. As it gained popularity, many came down to find it, including kingdoms and mere citizens which waged too many wars and conflicts. People were searching for gold in the hopes that their destiny and social status would change, but only the powerful acquired it. Kingdoms became greedy for gold to the point that they required their citizens to give a percentage of their gold coins; otherwise, a heavy punishment will take place.

Gold was used to show off the prestige and glamour of the rich. It was used to decorate temples, furniture, and jewelries. Gold has reached its peak.

How gold shaped our economy today?

Gold’s presence is tested through time. Unsurprisingly, the world accepted and embraced it. Gold has a strong significant value that is why people go crazy about it. Gold is accepted internationally as a form of payment till international monetary fund removed it from its throne. They made sure that gold will no longer be used for payments anymore.

The purpose of International Monetary Fund of removing gold from the picture is to bring back the lost trust of people to paper currency. This the perfect way they think of to ensure the survival of circulated currency.

During 1913, gold’s economic significance started to lose its power. After the First World War, there is a propaganda that encourages the government to embrace gold again. United States then other countries brought back the old gold standards.

Due to Second World War in 1944, United States experienced the Great Depression. This incident made way for Gold Reserve Act, where people were not allowed to own gold. The price of gold and money were devalued. This idea’s purpose is to cope from depression and to boost the economy by removing the presence of gold to commoners. It made dollar became the dominating currency due to the presence of gold exchange.

Countries like France and England saw this which made them sell their US dollar reserve in return for gold from the US treasury. This act led to decrease of power of US dollar and possession of gold is no longer implemented.

Till now, currencies of the world are backed up by gold and gold exchange rate. Some investors of today sometimes would rather invest their money to gold rather than stocks which make gold an in demand metal of this generation.

The Art of Mining and Production of Gold


Gold Bars

Mining is one of the industries with high return of investment. Mining is the art of extracting valuable minerals from the earth. The essence of mining is to find an element that cannot be artificially manufactured and cannot be grown agriculturally. Mining has been around for centuries. It was done by our ancestors to obtain valuable minerals after they realize the value of these elements.

Mining can cause damage to our environment that is why many are against it. Mining of stones and precious metals have become essentials to our economy that is why, it can’t be totally eliminated. Instead, they proposed safer procedures of mining to conserve and protect our environment from the harmful side effects of mining. This act improved the overall process of mining which allowed them to survive as an industry.

One of the in demand metals in the world is gold. It can be obtained by mining ores that potentially contain gold deposits. Extraction of gold can be done by smelting or through the help of chemicals such as mercury and cyanide.

According to the study of journal Nature Geo-science in 2013, Earthquakes can create gold. The study concludes that during an earthquake water in faults and fracture vaporizes, leaving the gold behind.


Facts about Gold

Many believed that gold formed 200 million years after meteorites bombarded our planet. Gold is atomic number 79 in the periodic table wiAncient Gold Coinsth a symbol of Au. They symbol of Au came from old Latin name for gold (Aurum) which means “shining dawn” and in some other translation, it means “glow of sunrise”. Its atomic weight measures 196.9665 with a density of 19.3 grams per cubic meter. It is the most malleable of all metals. It can be melted into thin sheets which are thin enough to be transparent. It transmits greenish blue light, because it has strong yellow and red reflection. The color of gold depends on its purity. Some gold are being mixed with other metals such as silver and copper to improve densely and to conserve gold. It is non-corrosive which makes it a perfect fit for jewelry making and weapon coatings. It resists degradation by air, moisture, heat and acids. In order to get pure elemental gold, one should go for 24 karat gold. 18, 14 and 10 karat gold have combination of gold and another metal such as silver and some other minerals.

Ancient people loved the idea of decorating themselves with this shiny metal. It creates an image of sophistication and power. Gold became the status of social status, the more you have the powerful you get. No wonder why, kingdoms would pay a good amount time on expeditions in the hopes to find gold. Archeologists were able to find this buried stone aged woman outside of London who wore strands of gold around her neck. Recovered bodies of Celts of the 3rd century B.C. wore gold dental implants; Kings and Queens of ancient time have golden things inside their tombs, due to the belief that they it will give them prosperous life in their second life.

Uses of Gold

In earlier times, people follow the “barter system.” It is a system of doing business by exchanging actual goods or services with another goods or services. It was efficient that time but as the time goes by, merchandise bloomed which makes the barter system inadequate. More products are being brought to the marketplace which created confusion and arguments among the people. The solution the government suggested was currency system based on gold. Mass production of gold coins was done; the value of these coins is stable regardless of the product or service they would like to purchase. Popularity and demand for gold increased which made the nobleGold Weighing Scale people greedy and desperate for it.

78 percent of gold is being used in jewelry making while the rest goes to electronic and dental industries. Gold has many uses because of its characteristics; it is even used in astronaut’s helmets as coatings to protect the astronaut from the harmful rays of the sun. Gourmet shops also use gold to add glitter to their pastries, vodka and etc. Gold is non-toxic and can be ingested by humans. It is not digested, but it just passes right through your digestive system according to a company that sells gold leaf called, “Edible Gold”.

Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity which why it is being used in the innovation of technology. It is also being used in medicine. The radioactive isotope found in gold “Au-198″ used to be injected directly to the site of a tumor. The radiation produced by it can destroy tumor cells without the tumor being scattered to the rest of the body.

Human love affair with gold appears to be endless. Why is that? Many believed that gold is a gift from God. Gold somehow gives us a glimpse of how beautiful and majestic our Lord is while others believe that this love affair with gold is the fruit mankind’s hunger for riches and glory. I don’t know about you, but I think, humans have their eyes on things that are rare and things that shine bright because we are easily deceived by our eyes. Our eyes give value to the things around us and gold is so attractive that it effortlessly pleases our eyes then our hearts.



Fascinating Facts About Gold

Gold Bars

Gold is a beautiful piece of metal. Gold’s atomic number is 79 while the symbol is Au. Gold’s symbol is originated from the old Latin word for gold, Aurum. Aurum means “glow of sunrise” or “shining dawn” while the word “gold” is from European base “ghel” or “ghol” meaning yellow, green or bright. Gold is difficult to find and requires a huge amount of time to find. Rarity of gold resulted to high demand and high economic value. It is so rare that the world produces more steel in an hour compared to the amount of gold acquired throughout the history. Gold is everywhere and being circulated around the world, but many believed that 80% of gold is still hidden underground.

Gold holds a fascinating history that somehow shaped what we are today. Many years ago, it was used mostly to please the eyes of the many. It gives a striking impression for the nobles. Religious people believed that gold has this special relationship with gods. If you will go back to check the temples in ancient times, they were coated and decorated with gold. Gold’s warm and attractive color and appearance depend on the arrangement of the outer electron around its nucleus. Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds the largest amount of stockpile of gold which is equivalent to 25% of the world’s gold reserve.

Gold in medicine

Gold is malleable compared to any metal. Gold’s malleability makes it possible for it to be stretched into thin sewing threads; an ounce can be stretched over 50 miles. Gold is a good conductor of electricity which is suitable in infrared use. It is also being used in medicines because gold was found to be non-toxic. It is effective in tumors; the radioactive gold isotope Au-198 can destroy tumor cells without the risk of spilling it to the rest of the body. Gold nano-particles can be mixed with anti-cancer drug called TNF-alpha which can form a very effective drug that could work tumors, according Nationwide Cancer Institute.

Gold can be used in treating or curing rheumatoid-arthritis called Chrysotherapy. Using gold treatment is recommended procedure with non-steroid anti-inflammatory.

Gold is non-toxic and can be ingested by humans. Class Gourmet shops use gold leaf/ dust to give brightness to their cakes, pasta, vodka or any food that needs decoration. When gold gets to the digestive system, it won’t be digested but will just pass through.

Gold in cosmeticsSmelting of Gold

Gold is so versatile and has many uses. It is now being used in cosmetics. It can be found in different creams and serums which promise youthfulness and beauty to concerned women. Many women tried these beauty fads which they commended for delivering wonderful results. Skin experts agree that though gold has wonderful skin benefits, everyone should still do a patch test first before trying this because it may cost sensitivity.

Gold in electronics

Gold is a good conductor of electricity which makes it perfect for electronic uses, however since it is very expensive; it is only being used in high-end technology purposes. Wires made of gold are being used in outer space because it is 50% more reliable than regular wires. It is completely resistant to any forms of corrosion and accelerates faster than any metals.

Different colors of gold

White gold is getting attention recently. There are two classifications of white gold: 18 karat and 14 karat. White gold is being combined with nickel and palladium. Gold mixed with these two elements create white color similar to silver.

There are other gold colors; the yellowish color of gold can be turned into Rose, pink, green, purple, black and chocolate gold. The color depends on the elements being combined to it. Always note that the price and value also vary depending on the color as well. This is because the gold content becomes lesser or higher depending on the color. One thing to remember is higher gold content leads to more value. After all, the purity of gold is measured in carat weight.

Pure gold is odorless and tasteless because it is non-reactive. One can identify an impure gold if it has a smell and rough texture, this is because of metallic ions and compounds mixed with it.

Value of gold

If you will check the history of gold, it has been present in every generation. The gold’s economic value seems stable but during World War 2, it was devalued. When United States suffered from depression, Gold became the bridge to help Americans to cope up. The currency value of the world today is backed up by gold.

Many investors cling to golMonopoly of Goldd whenever the stock market becomes unstable. They want to look for tangible things that will assure the value of their money because compared to stocks, gold holds a stable history value.

Investing in gold can be tricky. Any investors should be done cautiously; otherwise, money invested will be put at risk. Physical gold comes in many forms; it could be bars, jewelry or coins. Investors should rely on the purity of the gold when assessing its value.